Kiwi Cabal of Canine Curiosities


“I’m sure that the Nazi generation of animal psychologists genuinely thought they’d tapped into a hidden innate intelligence within many animals…More recent research has, however, revealed that what they thought were dogs and horses communicating via pointing to letters or barking in code, were in fact examples of the clever Hans effect; a horse who responded to almost microscopic cues from their owner, in order to please them with the desired response.”
Jan Bondeson  Amazing Dogs: A Cabinet Of Canine Curiosities *

It transpires that Romanian missionary Petry Groza*, who recently visited New Zealand, can bark like a dog. Groza, who has since left New Zealand, said a 10-year quest to conquer his barking skill was prompted by a friend’s mastery of an inane canine call.

According to Groza, whose bite is worse than his bark, but all for a good cause*, the most common mistake people made when trying to bark like dog was doing so when breathing out.

Instead, he says, the most realistic barking sounds were made when inhaling. That may have been the problem with the Third Reich canine interns*- like that lovable old American cattle dog Bill they puffed but didn’t inhale.  See the recent taking dog hit on YouTube for some classic comments straight from the dog’s mouth.* 

After at least half an hour’s research on Doogle*, I can now reveal some revealing canine curiosities closer to home and, in this election year, point out some useful pointers to their political propensities.

Kiwi Cabal of Canine Curiosities

John Key German Shorthaired Pointer 
Bill English  English Setter
Gerry Brownlee (Old) Dunker
Pete Hodgson  Bloodhound
Peter Dunne King Charles Spaniel
Metiria Turei   Wire Fox Terrier
Russell Norman  Australian Silky Terrier
Rodney Hide Bull Terrier (Miniature)
Phil Goff   English White Terrier (extinct)
Steven Joyce  Fox Terrier (Smooth)
Don Brash English Mastiff
Winston Peters Pug / Silken Windhound cross
Trevor Mallard  Rottweiler / Labrador Retriever cross
Murray McCully  Scotch Collie
Heather Roy    Bichon Frisé / New Zealand Huntaway  cross
Hone Harawira   Old English Sheepdog / American Pit Bull Terrier  cross
Tim Groser Afghan Hound/ Chow Chow cross

PS Groza’s (no relation) worthy project, Horizons of Hope, offers Romanian orphans between the ages of 18 and 20 the opportunity to study subjects such as computers, languages, agriculture, carpentry and auto mechanics.
Visit for details or to donate to the project.

*Blinks  Vid ****  Talking Dog-Ultimate Dog Tease    
via Doogle


#Lyall Lukey 11 June 2011 My other (bit more serious) blog 



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