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The ad alongside the Stuff story on the All Blacks last minute rugby defeat in Hong Kong by the Australian Wallabies: Rexona The Official Deodorant of the All Blacks. It won’t let you down.*



As TVNZ’s unholy host on Breakfast, is Paul Henry’s pH Factor too acidic or too bland? Despite initial TVNZ approbation, his early Indian summer on the talkriddled adfest was suddenly curtailed last week with his two week’s suspension without pay. In the Youtube clip* from the show at the heart of the first controversy, Henry plays an hysterical hyena as he deliberately mispronounces the name of Delhi chief minister Sheila Dikshit and throws in some ethnic slurs for bad measure. The lavatory humour is straight from junior school, beyond which Henry seems not to have progressed very far in his own education journey. It may, of course, be perfectly suited to the target audience of what has always been a bit of a dog’s breakfast of a show….Henry’s salvo is 100% Pure embarrassment for New Zealand…..