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…I can now reveal that the proposed tunnel under the central city linking Britomart station to Mt Eden is actually the complete opposite: it is a tunnel linking Mt Eden Prison to the Britomart Station. It’s an inside job and it is being financed, Len Brown and Steven Joyce will be relieved to know, by an international gang of money launderers who have a don incarcerated by Her Majesty at the gaol…Here’s the clincher. What do they use to launder their ill-gotten gains? Yes, you’ve got it in one: long stockpiled stocks of Taniwha soap powder…


…After at least half an hour’s research on Doogle*, I can now reveal some revealing canine curiosities closer to home and point out some useful pointers to their political propensities….

““Ve haf vays of making you talk… …”, but apparently they didn’t quite work out in the case of the graduates of the Nazi Germany dog school, the Tier Sprechschule ASRA, based in Leutenburg near Hannover. This high docile canine academy was set up in the 1930s and continued throughout the war years as a curious demonstration of the irrational standards of the era. It wasn’t the Alsatian and German Shepherd students who were barking mad….”