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To compete in the wildlife prediction stakes for RWC 2011 we are going to need to make a bird of it. Not the nocturnal, flightless Kiwi with the dodgy diet but that colourful and clever South Island aerial pirate the Kea one of the few alpine parrots in the world.


Last minute negotiations may have stopped the shit hitting the fan zone in Auckland for next year’s Rugby World Cup but the whole saga has been an interesting insight into the Government’s Hootenanny State approach.

Having earlier been swept out of a Broome tavern for being drunk, itinerant tourist Michael Newman clocked up his Warhol quarter of an hour of fame by climbing into the enclosure of a 5 m crocodile at a local crocodile park and sitting on its back because “he wanted to give it a pat”.*

Luckily for him but unfortunately for the health of the gene pool, it didn’t cost him at least an arm and a leg, the minimum fee usually exacted by large saltwater crocs for close encounters of the fourth kind…

Forget all the other allegations: no true cricket lover could countenance in the top job anyone who bowled as embarrassingly as this.