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..Not just poor male Muslims (and, at times, some surprisingly well educated ones) are turning into homegrown Jihadists in the US. Discontented female divorcees are also among those who espouse radical online networks in preference to overpopulated dating and mating websites in order to get their kicks and recruit their sidekicks…


Forget cycleways and 4 day weeks. The real key to economic salvation for Godzone is at hand. Not only have the terms of trade recently turned in our favour; we’re on the threshold of making a big breakthrough in our Invisible Balance of Trade. Christchurch woman Avie Woodbury last week auctioned on Trade Me two vials containing the ethereal blue alchemical distillation of two ghosts exorcised from her New Brighton home last for $2830 to electronic cigarette maker Safer Smoke (“Smoke Doesn’t get in Your Eyes”?).

Christchurch Irish Bar The Bog advert in the Entertainment Section of the Press 10 March: St Practice Day Tues 16 March….

A special instant Mass Darwin Award should be given to the large number of idiots who queued up on the seabed and foreshore after the Chilean earthquake on the weekend, the better to see the tsunami at close quarters.