About Lyall

Lyall Lukey has been MD of Lukey Resources since 1987, co-ordinator of SmartNet workshops since 1997 and convenor and organiser of the annual Education Leaders Forum (ELF) since 2007.  He lives at  Kennedys Bush, Christchurch, New Zealand.

He is a keen slow touring cyclist and social cricketer.  View one of his few career highlights: Lyall’s catch March 2008

He is also a regular blogger and, as well as Blugger me, writes the slightly more serious blog Lukey’s Learnings:  http://lukeytraining.wordpress.com/

His longer profile is at http://www.lukey.co.nz/people/lyall.html

His websites are: http://www.lukey.co.nz/ and http://www.smartnet.co.nz/


One Response to “About Lyall”

  1. 1 Tejinder

    Wow Lyall. With a regular cycle of 10 years, I look forward to 2017 !! Well, well let us know, what milestones were there in 1947, 1957 and 1967 and 1977. I believe I forgot 1937 (?) just on purpose. ha ha ha. People talk of 7-year ouch – you are doing better than most of us lesser souls. Your friend since 1978. Tejinder.

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