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It’s three decades since the arcade and later online game Pac-Man* was let loose. The gobbling goblins symbolized the 8os, the omnivorous decade of greed, though it was really only a warm up for the more recent shambolic shenanigans of the global financial system in its fading sub-prime. Now Westpac CEO Gail Kelly is poised to become the NZ$70 million WestPac-Woman if the bank’s shareholders okay another round of long-term share incentives for the Australian bank’s dragon lady, headhunted from St George’s Bank three years ago…


By extraordinary coincidence, given the current financial constraints, most members of the New Zealand Cabinet managed to be in Australia just the day before last night’s crucial Bledisloe Cup rugby game, to take part in a serendipitous joint Cabinet meeting with their Australian colleagues.

Pleasure Dome


Christchurch City councillors, having bought the Ellerslie flower show, have now paid $480,000 to purchase a 30 m diameter, inflatable dome similar to the large rugby ball tragically on display in London in 2007 after the All Blacks premature ejection from the Rugby World Cup.