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…Education New Zealand, as part of a campaign to poach disgruntled British students, has just offered a New Zealand university education for Prince William and Kate Middleton’s first born in a quarter-page advertisement in The Times* which lays it on with an anachronistic trowel…If, in due course, a royal child is duly born and ENZ is successful in its quest for royal business, then I can offer some help design the ermine curriculum…


The challenge in planning most weddings, as a recent family example reminds me, is to reduce the guest list to manageable proportions not to expand it globally. Not so with the invitation list to Auckland’s Bollywood wedding held over the past weekend, with Auckland doctor Pooja Chitgopeker marrying Chicago IT heir and millionaire Vikram Kumar (apparently no relation to the Kumars at No. 42*)…While there were 450 guests in attendance, a more than respectable muster, with so many absent subcontinent VIPs, not to mention other awol dignitaries, the proud parents may have over-catered somewhat. A case of too many chefs and not enough Indians?