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…It’s a sign of the times, but as Charlie would have said, if he wasn’t in silent movies at the time, just not modern times. In the week of the Vampire Strikes Back in the capital city and the annual Film Festival at Cannes a mega can of worms was opened in Wellywouldbe like they were oysters out of season. In both cases once bitten twice shy….


In days of yore and naval gore an active aquatic pastime involving planks was walking one, usually with the encouragement of ill-dressed, one-eyed pirates with dead parrots, before taking a terminal plunge. There were few encores.
The new more passive pastime is planking-which involves somebody lying flat on their stomach in unusual or different environments. The interior of collapsed rugby scrums doesn’t count….

Bugger! I dozed off and missed it. I’ll have to watch the return of JC on TV. Probably on Shine? (Probably not on Al Jazeera-different era).I didn’t spot any piles of bodyless clothes left by ascending rapturees in the very week Playboy launched its digital archives of clotheless bodies…If you don’t live in Christchurch and want to keep your apocalyptic anxiety levels up, here are a couple of alternative non-fundamentalist pathways to the End Of The World As We Don’t Know It ….

..There is going to be an awful lot of shaking going on this coming Saturday with an earthquake scheduled to start in New Zealand at 6am (the exact time of TV2’s The Go show is all go) and then circle the world westwards in a sort of a global Mexican seismic wave…


Chefs can be naked but out of work teachers must keep buttoned up when in both the public and private eye. A former Auckland teacher has been deregistered after posing nude in Penthouse, a glossy magazine for which there is probably no great pent up demand these days, displayed (coyly wrapped, unlike the former teacher) at a wide range of non-porn shops… Apparently one picture showed her draped over an old fashioned school desk, though this was surely a political statement about antiquated furniture in an antiquated education system…

May Day is synonymous with International Workers’ Day or Labour Day, a day of political celebrations organised by communists, anarchists, socialists and trade unionists. It was a bold callPresident Barack Obama to Seal Osama bin Laden’s fate in a 1 May attack on a purpose built two-storey urban cave 1.6 kilometres from a Pakistani military academy…Wait for Donald to trumpet that it’s not Obama’s birth certificate which is the issue now, it’s Osama’s death certificate.