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The 101-strong Guard of Honour from the Welsh Guards, thankfully not all playing the trombone, have been instructed to think of England during their 4 hour stint on duty at next week’s royal wedding and, if necessary, to faint forwards while remaining stiffly at attention. This is not sauce for the gander, being contrary to the old fashioned imperial advice to new military wives to faint backwards, whether on bearskin rugs or not, although the injunction to think of Albion was the same (see classic spoof video below.)*

For those Guards who find the heat is really ontheir orders are clear. There


Is a teacher who picks up on a pupil’s nasal piercing just a nosey parker? The Leadership Group of New Plymouth Girls’ High School has issued an edict allowing facial piercings as part of the school uniform, permitting one lip and one nose piercing per pupil (or should that be per student?)….