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From the Black Death, through to Blackbeard, who could teach them a thing or two,* to the disgraced import Conrad Black who was without a peer until Rupert Murdoch came along and who is now without a peerage, the blackguard English know a thing or two about the dark arts. As we now know the England team is to wear an all-black strip at the Rugby World Cup in their opening game against Argentina on 10 September…


An octogenerian wearing an Akubra hat walks into a New York bar with a newt on his shoulder and orders a Fosters. The barman says “What’s that on your shoulder?” In a mid-Atlantic accent with a residue of Strine the man replies “It’s not a chip, it’s my pet newt and his name is Tiny. Why do you call him Tiny?” asks the barman. The man replies ….