The English Pizza: Pavlovian Responses?

“…impeach that man immediately, New Zealand.”  Jimmy Kimmell

This is not pastry flake news. On last Wednesday’s Jimmy Kimmell Show the eponymous American host slammed our PM, the Patient English, for putting canned spaghetti and pineapples on a pizza he served to his children.*

The Italian Embassy in Wellington also responded to this culinary crime  by posting on Twitter a photo snapped by a pizza paparazzo of an ersatz pizza-topped Pavlova with salami rings standing in for the standard strawberries or kiwifruit.**

The latter was an understandable Pavlovian response from the Protectors of the Pizza. However Kimmell’s “impeachment” call was clearly misspoken.  Surely he meant to say “impineapplement”. He can reserve the other term for possible use closer to home.

*  Photos and video clip ** Pavlovian response

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