Hagley Park: Just Not Cricket!


“Canterbury Cricket were ’getting our ducks in a row’ so they could do what was needed quickly should the Environment Court decision go their way.”  Lee Germon, CEO, Canterbury Cricket, Press 21 June 2013.

As the Environment Court heard submissions about a proposed professional cricket ground being developed in a venerable club venue in Hagley Park, this planned Germon blitzkrieg seemed a little superfluous. Lee can confidently leave getting ducks in a row to the Black Caps.

His focus should have been on really addressing the issues of traffic and parking for one day and 20/20 games. Hagley Oval may be a lovely, albeit still controversial venue for daytime test matches, with no need for light towers and less need for plastic or grassy seating because of a much smaller crowd spread over several days, which would also reduce traffic flow and parking issues near the Public Hospital.

But concentrated day/night shorter format games are quite different and pose far bigger issues regarding lighting, traffic, parking and noise, including the inevitable deejay accompaniment.

After the earthquakes of 2010-11 and the resulting demolition derby Christchurch has a number of other options for professional cricket, including its old home Lancaster Park.

As a cricket fan (and occasional geriatric player for the New Zealand Rotary team*) I’m sorry to say that, in terms of suitability, commercial short format games at Hagley Oval are just not cricket.

http://www.stuff.co.nz/the-press/sport/cricket/7133552/Covers-off-crickets-vision-for-Hagley-Oval  20 June 2012
http://www.stuff.co.nz/the-press/news/8755667/Vision-to-make-Hagley-Oval-for-all-generations  5 June 2013
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PZKVBP-5gKg  Caught! One of my few cricketing highlights. No autographs please.

 #Lyall Lukey  6 July 2013
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2 Responses to “Hagley Park: Just Not Cricket!”

  1. 1 Andrew John McNeill

    John Arlott, one of the greatest of the English cricket commentators, author and poet, described Hagley Park Oval as one of the most beautiful cricket grounds in the world. Amen.

    With much of the charm that was Christchurch “munted.” it would be sad to see short-term interests prevail and that lovely place become a subsidiary of the ghastly Indian IPL..

  2. 2 Geoff McDonnell

    Lets look at this way. Lancaster Park is all about those terrible people who drank from half-gallon jars and used bicycle tubes for stort-term relief. Now and again they would have a Stevies Mince pie to add some spice to life.
    On the other hand, Hagley Oval is all about the Village Green, Cucumber sandwiches and Earl Grey Tea. I think i’ll stick with Monteiths at The Brewers Arms and watch it all on Sky.

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