Not for the Faint Hearted


Prime Minister John Key has described his recent fainting in a Christchurch restaurant as an “out-of-body experience” where he could hear voices but was unable to respond”.*

While concerns about the PM’s over demanding schedule were immediately put on ice, some commentators from the infra red end of the political spectrum will no doubt watch closely to see if this body fade is a chronic condition or whether improvement correlates with the run up to the 2014 election.

Meanwhile, the father of one long term unemployed Christchurch youth reports that his son has taken up meditation: “At least it’s better than doing nothing”. He has already tweeted  the relevant out of body experiences web link* to the Prime Minister’s office. He says he doesn’t expect an OBE in return; he’s simply making a pro bono attempt to improve the lucidity of the Leader’s own obes.*

*Blinks  MindMaster TV. Increase your chances of having lucid dreams, out of body experiences (obe), and achieve deeper meditation states

#Lyall Lukey  27 Jan 2013 My other (bit more serious) blog


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