Don’t Cry For Us Argentina


“It won’t be easy
You’ll think it strange…”

Psychic sheep Sonny Wool, in a predictive league of his own, has picked the All Blacks to beat Argentina in tonight’s Rugby World Cup quarter final.

Following in the tentacle steps of Paul the Occult Football World Cup Octopus*, Sonny Wool has again rather predictably flagged his pick after being presented with two containers of hay from which to choose. One, possibly somewhat better endowed, is marked with a New Zealand ensign. As professional rugby players know, you’ve got to make hay while the sun shines.

The prognosticating All Black sheep of the family is in mint condition, unlike some of the other All Blacks. What is it with all their farmyard foibles like calf strains and pulled hamstrings, anyway? 

But, as a somewhat more svelte sheep than the late Shrek, is Sonny Wool really putting his money where his mouth is? I don’t want to add insult to injury, but I didn’t hear that he forecast Israel Dagg’s selection and for a sheep that should have been a doddle. However, with the second round of Rugby World Cup quarterfinals about to kick off he does have a chance to  regain his chops.

Quadruped quandaries to one side, this past week the nation has been over intently focused on Dan Carter’s nether regions. Is the Shakespearian codspiece-like Jockey undergarment he models the hidden cause of his grievous groin strain?  Meanwhile Steve “Shagger” (short for Shaggy Story?) Hansen is still suffering from grin strain. The wooden Hansen also appears to have a bad case of pinocchioitis in his encounters with the media.

For those running a TAB tab, will it be six correct picks for the sheep with two to go? If so Sonny Wool might be retained to pick the results of the November election, though John Key’s sheepish grin would be a dead giveaway.

If the ABs win tonight what might be a tighter game than many suppose and the Aussies lose the early quarter final,  is Suzie the Springbok undercover agent waiting in the wings ready to strike again with her dastardly dining deeds?

But if there is some real Argie bargie and the ABs are drawn or quartered it won’t only be the nation’s rugby fans that are gutted. I hope Sonny Wool knows a friendly veterinarian or, at the very least, a sympathetic vegetarian.

 Watch “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina (Evita)” video 

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