Satirical Flagellation-Advancing Australia Fair?


“In history’s page, let every stage
Advance Australia Fair…”

“I’m not intending to watch tonight’s episode. I’ve got more to do,” Australian PM Julia Gillard

John Reith would not have been amused but there will be more than a few Aussie faces wreathed in smiles at tonight’s screening of the ABC TV political satire At Home With Julia, a short series making the most of it before its chief protagonist is herself consigned to history’s page.

My Fair First Lady (actor Amanda Bishop) is not flying the flag but lying patriotically flagellated  in a coy clinch on an official Canberra carpet with her partner Tim Mathieson (Phil Lloyd).*  The ersatz premier is sort of an Antipodean horseless and horizontal Lady Godiva.

Federal MPs have condemned the show as appalling, particularly the offensive use of the flag, though that phrase may be better applied to certain post World War II military adventures.

But even in a satirical TV  series, can you barely imagine Gough Whitlam or John Howard,  in a similar pose with their respective spouses? Or Bob Hawke, by himself?

For everyone except politicians  satirical shows showing the nation’s political chief up to a bit  of mischief are a welcome change from an interminable diet of TV chef programmes.

It’s not as simple as ABC but is this one of the reasons why New Zealand is getting rid of the last vestiges of public service TV?  I would have thought that after the Letterman show* our PM would have jumped at the opportunity to star in his own publicly funded series and cut out the middle man. Though if he can line up on field with the All Blacks before a RWC game he probably doesn’t need to. 

We have yet to see if his Cup truly runneth over.

*Blinks   Vid excerpt and chatshow 

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