Halo Halo! Rapturous applause or a deathly hush?


“That’s the wise thrush; he sings each song twice over, lest you should think he
never could recapture the first fine careless rapture!
Robert Browning

Apocalypse Now? Armageddon Again? Just when EQC has come and sorted out our earthquake repair process, the end is…(sigh)!

A Christian group with affiliations to 89 year old Harold Camping, President of an independent  Californian Christian ministry the Family Radio Worldwide, which he founded in 1959, says May 21 is when the Rapture will happen.

As one of his camp followers camper vans signed “The End of the World is Almost Here! ..It begins on 21 May 2011.” Not quite as punchy and portable placard size as the pithy “The end is nigh!” but more informative.

On that date five months of torment for those who missed the call up will start, counting down to  Judgment Day on October 21, a month before New Zealand’s political day of judgment  on 26 November, thus improving the TAB odds for a prior snap election.   Armageddon is going to cost some punter an arm and a leg on the tote.

In whichever direction he was headed, it looks as if Osama Bin Laden may have had the first laugh and beaten the crowd.

There is going to be an awful lot of shaking going on this coming Saturday with an earthquake scheduled to start in New Zealand at 6am (the exact time of TV2’s The Go show is all go) and then circle the world westwards in a sort of  global Mexican seismic wave. 

 So all those recent seismic shakes down here in Canterbury, the heartland of GodsEarthquakeZone, are really foreshocks not aftershocks. Typical.

In the face of the threatened end of the British Empire Sir Winston Churchill’s famous words were  “Now this is not the end. … But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”   But now 70 years later, with a rather dramatic uptick in global warming in prospect on TV1’s weather map, it’s not the end of the beginning but the beginning of the end. Heavens above! This will get Jim really excited.

Mr Camping’s followers are inordinately happy campers, despite (or because of?) being about to decamp this mortal coil.  No more taxes, no more rates, no more collection plates, no more bloody sermons. They’ve even invited select people to The Rapture via Facebook* or, as they call it, TurnTheOtherCheekBook. Dial me up HC (or should that be JC?).

Like the thrush, Mr Camping has had to sing his careless Rapture song twice over, the first time in 1994. On that occasion celestial bookings must have been way down;  the heavenly gig was postponed.  However, some must have got close to ascension lift-off. Several people were distinctly heard uttering and muttering cries of Jesus Christ.

Harold has based his “this time 100% accurate” prediction on mathematical calculations and biblical codes written in reference to the great flood during the days of Noah. He’s rapt that there has been no rupture in the rapture ranks so far. It might be a different story on Sunday morning.

With just 3 shopping days to the big wrap up some retailers will make a last minute killing. Voicedover ads like this, over appropriate apocalypso music, will soon appear on a TV screen near you: This Week Only — End-of-the-World Sale! Everything must go. No deposit; make no payment for eternity. Special conditions apply.

It’s incredible how credulous some people are. Everyone knows that the End of the World is next year. According to the Mayan Calendar it’s on Sunday, December 23, 2012.

That’s apart from New Zealand, where it’s on Sunday October 23  2011 at 21.00 hours, plus 90 minutes and injury time. By sheer coincidence it is  synced exactly with the final whistle (actually a small trumpet) of the Rugby World Cup final.

http://www.sknvibes.com/News/NewsDetails.cfm/17807  Christian group says May 21 is Judgment Day
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WbaWdyDipcw   Rapture IIO    Vid
Rapture Ruckus – All Things New– youtube.com  Vid  
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Skeeter Davis  The End Of The World 1965 Vid

#Lyall Lukey 17 May 2011
http://www.lukey.co.nz/  http://www.smartnet.co.nz
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2 Responses to “Halo Halo! Rapturous applause or a deathly hush?”

  1. 1 Tejinder Hansra

    Hi Lyall .. Ha(el)lo, Ha(el)lo … I like dat one … atleast sometimes you are very very serious … Effect of geoshocks on the hill?

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