The Lunar Ring Cycle-Gullible Travellers


 “Mr Ring, who used to read  pets’ paws for a living, caused nationwide controversy this month when he predicted a massive quake would take place in Christchurch on March 20”*

Loony Moonman Ken Ring’s cv should give us pause for reflection, though he would no doubt claim that when it comes to seismic séances he’s no one’s cats paw.

Ironically, his lunar case for a big one tomorrow does not rest on very shaky evidence. His credibility is not indelible, as the Government’s Chief Science Adviser has taken pains to point out*, in the face of panic in some quarters.

 Part of the exodus from Christchurch this long weekend can be explained by the premature Memorial Day holiday*. But other gullible travellers are leaving to be elsewhere on the 20th,  just in case.

 A friend of mine,  a quite  hard headed businessman, is increasingly anxious about driving over Dyers Pass to Governors Bay for a wedding tomorrow. He hails from Auckland and is relieved to find he has a less hilly option via Gebbies Pass, but he’d rather stay home safely at Darfield where he now lives, close to the Greendale fault.

Apocalypse won’t be tomorrow; it was last week, in Northern Japan and we saw it in horrified silence via live satellite TV coverage.

 However, with 5,596 recorded tremors in Christchurch in the six months since 4 September there is a pretty good chance that there will be some sort of a jolt, stiff or not, before 12 midnight tomorrow night. If so, Ken Ring’s Moonwalk* will get people up (or down) on the floor pretty damn quickly and the cardiac ward might be somewhat busier than usual.

The fact that I’m up at our place at Castle Hill for the long Earthquake Memorial weekend we don’t need has got absolutely nothing to do with Ring’s cycle of predictions, honestly. But I’ll be bloody annoyed if the Great Divide multiplies while I’m still up here.

At least I know whose fault it won’t be. You can put a ring around that.

*BLINKS  Graphic images from Japan  Vid Moonwalk-Michael Jackson

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