Premature Encomiation-Quake Service Too Soon


“To have such an enormous event take place and not to at least mark that with a holiday … would be an inappropriate way of marking this event.”  PM John Key*

With some other services not yet restored a lot of Cantabrians can’t understand the indecent haste with which tomorrow’s Earthquake Memorial Service has been scheduled.

They (and not just  employers) also can’t understand the need for a gratuitous Canterbury public holiday, at a time when businesses and schools are desperately trying to get back to the new abnormal.

Whatever the timing the marking needn’t have been by way of a public holiday in Canterbury-it’s a back-handed gesture for those struggling to get on with life.

It is important to have an appropriate service-but it’s a matter of timing. A Sunday would have been fine, but not just yet.

In the less than a month since Quake II there are still quite a few earthquake  victims who either have not been found or who have not had their identity confirmed.

At least many of the relatives of the overseas students killed at the CTV building have had the opportunity to attend a memorial service earlier in the week at Burnside High.

Before the powers that be (in Wellington,  not Christchurch) settled on a memorial date and a format they could have used new media polling tools to see what people thought of various options. Top/down is the post-earthquake communication style when bottom/up use of new media would better inform the planning process in this and many other respects.

In the meantime the Ministry of Silly Walks has cancelled the planned pedestrian peregrination through the stricken streets of the city centre for safety reasons. Apart from  matters of taste this belated self-evident conclusion should have killed the idea stone dead at birth.

Maybe OSH didn’t want to be a sponsor after all.


 #Lyall Lukey 17/3/11 2011 My other (bit more serious) blog


4 Responses to “Premature Encomiation-Quake Service Too Soon”

  1. 1 corallyn newman

    does this remind you of being in the staff room, Lyall? Where every decision made by the P or the DP was debAted and rubbished by the assistant teachers? Of course the date does not suit everyone but attendance is not compulsory. For me the date is right enough: two of my friends were pulled from a coffee bar in sydenham. Their family was told initaLLY that they were dead (handbag). Nolw we know that they survived and that they will recover in Nelson hospital.I feell grateful. I should like to espress my thanks. I cannot go to church as it is caput. I could have been in the Christhurch Club but was not. I am grateful. I know of someone who is still listed as missing. I should like to spend some time remembering his “widow” and family and the man himself. Personally I dont care if I am the only one there, I shall be there. I feel very privileged to have come through this dreadful experience with nothing more than a munted house. Afterwards I shall try to put my house together. One day off is an appropriate price to pay to commemmorate the hundreds whose lives have been taken so soon.

  2. 2 Tejinder Hansra

    I agree with you 110% Lyall. The timing, the format and the holiday are all in bad taste just yet when family and friends are still waiting on identification and confirmation of their dear ones. Seems to me and it is easy to say that there is some political points being scored here at the cost of unfortunate ones.
    Well said “Top/down is the post-earthquake communication style when bottom/up use of new media would better inform the planning process in this and many other respects.”
    Lukey is better than just Key 🙂

  3. 3 F Macdonald

    Tejinder please contact me. We were neighbours in Christchurch.

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