Bristling Chris Carter: Kaiser Pete was my Bagman


 “We have said to him what he has to do now is put his head down and his bottom up and rebuild his reputation”. Labour’s Annette King on MP Shane Jones, Prime News

Did she give the same advice to Chris Carter after the recent Credit Card Squeeze ?  If not, as they ask  in the House,  why not?

Not everybody knows  that not only was the peripatetic mp  and former minister accompanied by his partner on most if not all his international trips, he also took his party’s electorate chairman.

Shortly after he was sent home on gardening leave,  with a self-raised question mark over his future political intentions , Stuff carried this item: “Labour has confirmed that Te Atatu MP Chris Carter is the only nomination for the seat, meaning he is soon likely to be ratified as a candidate for the 2011 election. Mr Carter’s long-time partner, Peter Kaiser, is the electorate chairman in Te Atatu….” *

Peter Kaiser might not be Chris Carter’s batman*-he’s more savant than servant- but some might see him as the MP’s bagman in the Te Atatu electorate. No one is saying that he  put Carter before other horses  in Te Atatatu (when nominations closed on 31 May there were apparently no other candidates, not even a party hack ), but having a long-term partner in this position is pretty much the same as having a spouse and is probably not a good look.

For decades, before electorate funding was made available for secretarial and other help, spouses- usually female- played the role of unpaid secretaries but never, to my knowledge, the role of electorate chair.

In these more enlightened times no one expects MPs of different lifestyles to live in a monastery garden*, no much how they enjoy gardening.  No one’s blowing the whistle about this propinquity of office holding because it’s all out in the open. But it’s  hardly a highlighted feature. That the committee set up  does seem more than a little odd (I almost used another word)  might now dawn on more people in Te Atatu and elsewhere who were formerly in the dark.  Any dawning realisation would be  apt:  te atatu means day break.

Other Whistling Trivia

Whistling Jack Smith’s real name wasn’t WJS, it was John O’Neill and he didn’t appear on stage in this version of  I Was Kaiser Bill’s Batman  in 1967 at the Beat Club. Instead an unknown but vaguely familiar actor lip-synced very badly to O’Neill’s  recording to produce “Easily the best black and white whistling video ever!”  Well, the third best anyway.

That other great British whistler was Ronnie Ronalde with hits like  “In a Monastery Garden” * and  “If I were a blackbird” *  

The “Colonel Bogey March” was whistled in the film Bridge on the River Kwai to sidestep the song’s vulgar lyrics

Otis Redding whistled the last lines of “Dock of the Bay”, allegedly because at the end of a long recording day, he couldn’t remember the rest of the text.

A verse of “Me And Julio Down By The Schoolyard” is whistled by Paul Simon, who probably didn’t have the same problem.


Carter a shoo-in for Labour in Te Atatu |
Whistling Jack Smith – I Was Kaiser Bill’s Batman  Vid 
In a Monastery Garden – Ronnie Ronalde Vid  Lovely floral photos
If I Were A Blackbird – Ronnie Ronalde -Song …Vid




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