Disparate Housewives-Suburban Terrorists?


 “She wasn’t no rocket scientist”. Kurt Gorman, former boyfriend of Colleen LaRose

Gorman’s curt comment shows that he isn’t no Shakespeare neither but we get the point. Not just poor male Muslims (and, at times, some surprisingly well educated ones) are  turning into homegrown Jihadists in the US.  Discontented female divorcees of quite disparate backgrounds are also among those who espouse radical online networks, in preference to overpopulated dating and mating websites, in order to get their kicks and recruit their sidekicks.

46 year old blonde, white suburbanite Colleen LaRose (LaRose by any other name, including self-styled sobriquets  ‘Jihad Jane’ and ‘Fatima LaRose’)  has just appeared in a Philadelphian federal court accused of plotting to kill the Danish cartoonist Lars Vilks, who had offended many Muslims with his portrayal of the Prophet Muhammad as a dog.

Recently Jamie Paulin-Ramirez, 31, a nursing student from Colorado, was detained in Ireland in connection with the same alleged conspiracy.  Speaking of the arrest Paulin-Ramirez’s  mother said that  “It came out of left field.” 

There seem to be a lot more exotic transplants flourishing in the same left field, though some with a mirror glass view of the universe would argue that it is a dimension better characterised as  right field, populated as it is by diverse fundamentalists.  Only yesterday Chicago man David Headley admitted that he scouted out Mumbai before the 2008 terrorist attack that left 166 people dead and was also involved with a plot to attack the Danish newspaper which ran cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad

This all makes the racial and religious profiling prolific at American airports even more problematric. Spotting Osama lookalikes is one thing: tracking the tortuous trail of disaffected suburbanites who have become frantic fanatics, but who appear to be more American Apple Pie than Hyderabadi Haleem, is quite another.

The surveillers have had a long time to shake off the stereotypes. Home-grown terrorist Timothy McVeigh was a white decorated war hero who wrote his own noir musical score for Oklahoma City. It bombed, killing 168 people on April 19, 1995, the second anniversary of the Waco Siege, as revenge for what he considered a tyrannical federal government. It was the deadliest act of terrorism within the United States prior to the September 11, 2001 attacks.

This all brings to mind other another political femme fatale of a different ilk, though she was a protestor not a participant. After she was lost in space in the 1972 Galactic movie Barbarella* ‘Hanoi Jane’ Fonda  visited that city in July 1972 during the Vietnam War when things were going badly for the US. She was shot down in flames in the popular American press for posing for a  photo shot sitting on a North Vietnam anti aircraft gun, a pose which she later regretted bitterly because of the propaganda  purpose to which it was put.

Actors with a cause are, of course,  two a penny at Oscar time these days but the 70s wasn’t all that far removed from the early 50s and the excessive zeal of Joe McCarthy, who, with Superman-like x-ray vision, could spot a red under the bed from ten miles away and politically sanitised the entertainment industry for years to come. 

In 1982 Fonda devoted her time to a different sort of exercise, focused on fat rather than fatwah.  Jane Fonda’s Workout that year was the first of 22 PE videos in an annual series.

But the mind needs a workout too and the power of search engines roaming  the World Wide Web leads to some surprising political matchmaking privately and publicly.

In today’s United States wacky isn’t confined to Waco-like cults with a fashionable Muslim cut.   Definitely not Michael Palin’s strange love child Sarah* will apparently be a serious contender for the American presidency if,  in the next two years,  the Republicans continue to concentrate their energies on dealing to Obama rather than Osama.

This will certainly give the Vietnam era movie Dr Strangelove* a new lease of life as a repurposed documentary. If you’re scared, however improbably, of your state becoming  Baked Alaska because of a thermonuclear first strike,  I guess you plan to get your retaliation in first,  even if the global world power game has totally changed.

Come back Richard Nixon-nearly all is forgiven!

#Lyall Lukey 20 March  2010 

http://www.lukey.co.nz/  http://www.smartnet.co.nz


Jane Fonda in Barbarella

Scared Monkeys Video Jane Fonda Hanoi Jane

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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zVYFIQgOQ_A&NR=1 Sarah Palin

Dr. Strangelove or:How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb …


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