Irish Spelling Be


Christchurch Irish Bar The Bog  advert in the Entertainment Section of the Press 10 March:

   “St Practice Day  Tues 16 March 2010 from 6pm.  Fantastic prizes including trip for two to Dublin with one week’s accommodation and a tour of the Guinness Brewery”.

I thought initially that Irish National Standards in spelling were obviously slipping. Surely they meant “Sin Practice Day”?    I also thought, uncharitably, that apart from being singularly secular it was  quite obvious that either the copywriter had imbibed far more Genius than was wise  before composing such an inadvertent ad or that he or she was using voice activated dictation.

The penny dropped belatedly. I realised that St.Patrick’s day is on Wednesday 17th, that this was clever Irish wordplay and that I had been sucked in like a gobful of Guinness.  Still, a really decent prize would  be a week’s accommodation in the famous brewery and a free Irish Dance lesson so I’ve offered a consolation prize of my own for trying to take the mickey-see below.


Guinness Irish Dance    (Other Guinness ads nearby on YouTube  are not fit for this G-rated publication).



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