Bledisloe Cup-Rugby ties that bind


 By extraordinary coincidence, given the current financial constraints, most members of the New Zealand Cabinet managed to be in Australia just the day before last night’s crucial Bledisloe Cup rugby game, to take part in a serendipitous joint Cabinet meeting with their Australian colleagues. 

 The most reported  decision from the joint ANZAC meeting was that the losing Prime Minister has to wear the other team’s tie on Monday. 

As we now know, the All Blacks squeaked in. The All Black tie will go well with the Australian P.M.’s ruddy complexion and will make ex-patriate Australian coach Robbie Deans homesick for his old province.  

The black fashion accessory may even start a new fashion frenzy among normally casual Australian males, especially cricket fans, if England wraps up the Ashes cricket series tonight, after Trott got the runs in his debut test. It will also double as an armband. 

In 2011, if Australia beats New Zealand to win the world Rugby Cup, the losing Prime Minister will be wearing a noose from the House of Ned Kelly Fashions.

 Footnote: Our Cup Runneth Over

Lord Bledisloe appointed Governor-General of New Zealand from 1930 until 1935, proving to be extremely well-liked and respected. His social conscience was much appreciated during the Depression era, as was his insistence that his salary should be cut as were the salaries of public servants at the time. [This custom has not continued].

Bledisloe also contributed to improved PākehāMāori relations, purchasing the site where the Treaty of Waitangi was signed and presenting it to the nation as a memorial. Bledisloe also promoted various causes and events by the presentation of trophies, the most famous of these being the Bledisloe Cup, the trophy for an ongoing rugby union competition between New Zealand and Australia, first awarded in 1931, and currently contested annually.[In the modern professional age, no winning team is permitted to drink in one sitting all the sponsor’s product that this generous sized trophy contains].               Wikipedia


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